Bundle: Row's Faves

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  • Contains 3x 8oz size products
  • Sulfate & Silicone-Free formulas
  • Milk + Jelly = Amazing moisture without weighing down curls
  • Perfect light-weight combo for your waves and curls
  • Deep Conditioner great for reviving dull and dry hair (great for coloured curls too!)
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Do you have a curl pattern or hair texture similar to CurlShoppe's very own Row? Then this bundle will be the perfect fit for you! Row handpicked out 3 of her favourite go-to products (8oz) that she uses regularly:

This bundle can be used for wavy to loose curly hair textures (around 2B to 3B curls). These products are great for Wash 'N Gos and everyday styling.

Here's how Row uses each product:

  1. Row deep conditions her curls once a week to help keep them healthy and strong and the Coconut Deep Conditioner Treatment is perfect for this! This step is especially important if you have heat damaged or colour processed curls like Row.
  2. She always uses the Coconut Milk Leave-In Conditioner as a moisture base for all styles and especially for Wash 'N Gos. It's the perfect lightweight formula to provide moisture without weighing down your curls.
  3. Wash 'N Gos are just not complete without the Coconut Jelly (Soft Hold).
  4. This Jelly provides just the right amount of hold for Row's curls without leaving them crunchy. Added benefit: the scent is divine!

Note: This bundle consists of 8oz product sizes only.

For full listing of ingredients, visit the product page for each item (links in DESCRIPTION tab)

Can I use both the Coconut Milk and the Coconut Jelly at the same time? Yes, that's exactly the combo you need. Add the Coconut Milk first, then rake through the Coconut Jelly.

How often can I use the Deep Conditioner? We recommend using the Deep Conditioner once a week and leaving in for atleast 15-30mins.

Can I use the Coconut Jelly by itself? Yes you can, however we strongly suggest using the Coconut Milk first so your curls are properly hydrated.

Will my curls have a crunch at all? No Ma'am! This bundle is all you need to have the softest curls you'll ever have ;)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great products!

I bought these to see if I can find something to help my frizzy loose curls! I found that these products are made very well. The leave in conditioner is wonderful and light (and doesn't feel icky or heavy). My favorite is the deep conditioner and I really enjoy using it because of the peppermint! It is quite conditioning, but I am still waiting to see if my hair will reap any benefits by using it weekly in the long term. I do like the gel as well, but I wish it worked better on my hair! I know it's a soft hold gel, but I still bought it because I have a looser curl than Row — so I thought this one would suit me best. But for my hair, the gel still wasn't defining enough, and a defined hold only lasted a day. I recommend the gel for someone with waves or for someone who loves the big hair look! For me, because I was hoping for something to keep out the frizz, next time I will try their stronger gel and hopefully, it will give me a gel cast that I can scrunch out. This is nothing against the soft hold gel however, because I still think, and can tell, that it's a great product — just not for what I want!

Love everyone of them!

The peppermint in the deep conditioner is heavenly and makes my hair so soft! I follow up every co-wash with some leave in conditioner and flax seed gel. The hold jelly is my go to on wash day. Love all the products! No build up with styling products and no weight left from leave in conditioner and the smell of the deep conditioner makes me want to wash with it everyday (but I manage to refrain). Thanks Nat and Row :)


I love how my hair feels after i use these products! Plus the way it air dries when I use them is golden ❤ i actually can see and feel the difference in my hair since using them which i love and other people have noticed it too! I get a lot of compliments now which to be honest makes me feel more confident about wearing my hair natual instead of tied up or having to straighten it. These are a must have for curly girls and guys too actually if they want to use it ☺


Bundle: Row's Faves

Love The Coconut Products

The coconut leave in along with the soft hold jelly is exactly the perfect duo for my 3b/3c hair type. These products don't weigh my hair down like most coconut products I've tried. I get elongated curls along with a nice bouncy finish. So glad I tried these products, they are my new favorites.

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