Meet CurlShoppe

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CurlShoppe is a Canadian small business BORN IN TORONTO. Our focus is to cater to CURLY in providing quality, affordable products and educating others on how to take care of CURLY hair.

Sometimes it's not always length that is the goal, but rather health when it comes to your hair. You want your hair to look good, feel good, and the end result is for those positive feelings to reflect on you as a person. Your hair is apart of you and is a symbol of your character. We hope to see all women of colour embracing their own unique hair and not be afraid to be different. No 2 curls are alike and if you have curly hair, you know that each strand has a mind of its own! 

Whether you're transitioning, newly big chopped, or a veteran natural, we have your back. We've been through all of the stages and know that it takes a lot of time and patience to take care of your curly hair. Our products have been tested on many different types of curly heads (NOT animals): wavy, loose, tight, coily, and kinky to better understand YOU.

We always look to listen to the customer and would love any and all feedback. Go to "About Us" page for more :)

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