Modifying a Denman Brush for Thick Curly Hair

Before I thought a Denman Brush just wasn't the right hair accessory for me. I have very thick curly hair so when every time tried it I would just end up with brushed out curls. But then I learned a trick and when I tried it with my Denman Brush, I started getting cute, bouncy curls that turned into ringlets and I was in love!!

Nat from CurlShoppe with a Modified Denman Brush and Coconut Cream Souffle

How to Modify Your Denman Brush

The simple trick is to remove every other row of your Denman Brush!

What this does is actually allow your curls to clump together. Because thicker hair needs wider room, just like you would use a wide-tooth comb versus a fine-tooth comb; same kinda aspect. 

  1. Push from the base of your Denman Brush (not the handle*), under the actual brush part of it separates from the handle
  2. Turn it over and push/remove every other row of "spikes"
  3. Bend the piece back so you can fit it onto the handle again 

Unfortunately not every Denman Brush allows you to modify it (namely the cheaper generic ones) but you can definitely find out one that works for you. 

*We will be carrying our own denman brushes (that are able to be modified) soon so if you want to purchase from us and be the first to get it, sign up to our mailing list!

This was a game changer for me when styling my curls! I haven't gone back to my previous methods (like lazily slapping on products or raking through with my fingers) since. Enjoy your curls!


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