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It's not tacky

Provides a really nice hold without a crunch. I only air dry my hair and this is perfect, super light.


This product is perfect for my 11yr old. She loves to do her own hair and this product makes it easy for her to manage her curls and it smells Devine

The smell

The products are great but one of the containers did not have a seal on it like the others did. Was a bit worried to use it in the beginning.

Only thing that works

This product os the only thing that works on defining my 4C curls. Im hooked!


Coconut Deep Conditioner (with Mint)


Coconut Milk Leave-In Conditioner


Butter "Moisture" Mini Kit

Natural, consistency on point, no sulfates and great fragrane

I absolutely found my first leave-in.
It's incredible and works without build up
On my hair or scalp. I can't get over the fresh clean scent as well and the only down side is there's not enough product to go around, lol.

Plus, my hair literally drinks it up, I don't wash my hair everyday anymore and I use the leave in up to 3 to 4 days after washing my hair and still no build up.

Good product

The product works well. Enhances curl definition. The only negative thing I would have to say is that the product doesn't have the AMAZING scents like the other products have

This is the best product I've ever used

I absolutely love this product it keeps my hair soft and tangle free. The price is great too


Butter Soft Pudding

Love the texture

Just love it ! It's light and gives a nice hold to my curls

Butta so good

It's exactly the hydration my highlighted curls have been dying for! They're soft, bouncy and I gets tons of compliments on the scent. My only (and biggest) issue is the size of the bottle... drop that 1.5 litre ladies. ;)

Freshness for DAYS

What I love most about the products is that my hair feels so light after using them! I have a 2c-3c range in curl pattern and find most products weigh down my hair, but not these! Also, my hair still smells and feels amazing even up to four days between washes!

I originally bought this kit to try out the brand, but trust me you'll want to buy the full sizes!

The smell and the feel

I am so glad this product exists. I've been looking for a lightweight leave in conditioner because my hair is curly, but thin. I will definitely be buying and recomminding this product to friends.

Butter Jelly

It is a very good product, i like it however just my personnal preference preference when my hair gets more of a wet feeling (touch) so i am going to try the light hold to see how it feels maybe a medium light hold would be good otherwise i love it!

The fragrance!!!

My first time using this product had my partner sniffing my head all night. While at first it hydrated my hair I quickly realized that I'd need something heavier as by day two, my hair (4a-4b) was thirsty again. So I've given this product 5 stars because it was the lightest out of all the leave in's. Will definitely be purchasing the heavier one.

Not too heavy and great scent

I used this oil on my scalp, running it through my hair. Definitely a lightweight oil for daily use. Smells great too!

Great scent and great for rehydration

I didn't know what to expect with this product. But I'm very happy with it on my 4a-4b strands and will definitely be purchasing the largest size.

I loved how soft my hair felt and I loved the smell of the product

It worked really well, to keep my Curls in for way longer than my current product. It also smelt really nice and made my hair soft. I did have some flaking but I realised I mixed 2 products that weren't compatible so I tried another mix and it worked.


Best spray bottle, EVER.

I love this product! The nozzle actually has 2 settings. It smells wonderful and actually has a bit of hold to it which helps keep my refreshed curls bouncy all day!

Exactly as described, accurate and honest.

The product is exactly as described (I appreciate accuracy & honesty), and has a wonderful weight to it. It smells great and is perfect for lazy days or a good wash and go!

Coconut Wash Day Mini Kit

Love the smell of these products. It made my hair hydrated and so soft. Would definitely purchase this line again!

Butter Milk Leave-in Conditioner

This is a great leave-in, it's light but really moisturizes the hair. I'll will definitely be repurchasing :)

Butter Styling Gel

I've tried a lot of styling gels and I've always gone back to a gel I use that is my holy grail. I get the best results every time. After trying CurlShoppe's Butter Styling Gel max hold I think this will be added as holy grail product for me. It goes on the hair easily, it has a lot of slip, it doesn't make my hair feel sticky and does not weigh my hair down. I also noticed my hair dried a lot quicker that other gels I've used which is a plus. No one wants to wait hours for their hair to dry. Also for a big jar the price is great. Natty and Row you ladies have done and amazing job with your hair care line. I wish you continued success and keep making great quality affordable products. This not my first time ordering from you guys and it won't be the last :)

Love the soft hold and no flaking

Coconut Jelly is life , I can no longer use any other product to slick up my hair since I found Coconut Jelly .If you are not using this product you are missing out..


My hair never feels heavy or "crunchy" with this product and it tames my major frizz. Love it!!

It Works!!!!

This product saved my over damaged heat ridden curls in a matter of 3 treatments over the course of 2 weeks!! It works and it smells incredible.

Smells amazing!!!!

This spray is perfect for day 2-3 curls!! Freshens them right up. ... Now I gotta get my boyfriend to stop using it.

love this pudding

This pudding is lightweight and moisturizing. I used it as as part of a braid-out as step two before the max hold gel. My hair looks shiny and is moisturized and doesn't feel greasy. I bought the 8oz container and suspect it will last me a long time! Will likely re-purchase!! :)


This leave-in really left my hair feeling soft and moisturized. I bought the 8oz container and I suspect it will last awhile. The scent is nice and light and doesn't linger. I used this for a braid-out and followed up with the butter soft pudding and the max hold gel and got great results. My hair feel soft and moisturized. Will definitely re-purchase!


I have used so many gels and this one is really fantastic. It gives great hold without a crunchy feeling. A little goes a long way. I used this for a braid out after using the butter'd leave-in and a bit of the butter soft pudding. Will definitely re-purchase. I love how they have varied sizes we can try to see if we like. I ordered the 4oz in this and will likely re-purchase!

My curls went from frizzy to fleeky!!

I came across Curlshoppe completely by chance and I am so glad I did. I ordered both the coconut "wash day" and "moisture" kits and am delighted with the results I got. My usually very poofy and frizzy 2c/3a curls looked effortlessy beautiful and smooth after using the kits. My hair was still a little fluffy but that's something I really like. To top it all off, these products smell like heaven. 10/10

Makes my hair so soft!

I love this conditioner, it makes the texture of my hair so soft and bouncy. The only thing is that it's thick consistency makes it really hard to get out of the bottle. The pump that I had didn't work, I assume it's because the conditioner is so thick. Maybe it would be better squeezed out

Hi Kayla! We just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that our Coconut Cream Conditioner has had a formula improvement! It's now the same great formula but slightly thinner so you'll have no issues getting it out of the pump :) Be on the look out for an email from us shortly! - Row
Butter moisture mini kit

I really liked this one, maybe better than the coconut one although both are amazing. So this one I found heavier but better for using the products when I just washed my hair. The curls came out nice and the oil was nice in wet hair. The only thing was using it the next day on my dry hair felt a little heavy. But that's where the coconut product line came in handy I think this is great for thick, curly hair. As my hair is on the lighter curler side, this was good for the first day especially to set your curls. Btw the butter soft pudding is great for touch ups too!

Makes my hair feel like butter :)

I have very dry damaged hair. And as soon as I work this product through my hair it feel like there is an instant softness. And it makes my long curls so much easier to untangle. I use this in combination with the hydrating coconut cleanser, leave in conditioner and coconut soft jelly hold for soft beautiful curls.


This lovely soft scented product makes my hair feel so soft and smooth once I apply it to my damaged dry coloured hair. This company has saved my hair. I use this in combination with the hydrating coconut cleanser, coconut cream conditioner and coconut soft jelly hold. Again thank you ladies for saving my hair.

Love this company

I love this product!! It keeps my hair feeling soft to the touch, but gives me wonderful curls! I also love the soft scent, as I can wear it to work (I'm in an odourless offixe) with no issues.

Butter soft pudding a musy have

Love, love, love that product. Very moisturising especially used with the leave-in conditioner. A must have.

Je suis tout simplement en amour avec ce produit. Super hydratant, utiliser avec le leave-in conditionner c’est une pure merveille.

Watter refresher

This product have too much protein for my hair type. Wish there was a similar product on the butter line.

Ce produit contient trop de protéine pour mon type de cheveux. J’aurais aimé qu’un produit semblable soit disponible dans la collection butter.

Super moisturizing leave-in

I was looking for a long time for a good lean-in conditionner. I finaly found it. Super moisturizing and used with the butter pudding soufflé the moisture level is off the charte.

Great product

Works great feels very light product also smells really good leave my curls soft and moisturized

After using the conditioning treatment, my hair feels so soft and beautiful.

Love it!

my hair looks healthier

Love it!

I think I used the butter oil twice before it disappeared into my teen's room. I guess that means I have to buy two bottles next time.

You really need this in your life if you have curly hair

The coconut water refresher really is a great product. I use it on my 6-year-old every morning to brush out the tangles and bring back her curls.

Helped my hair to grow.

So I use this oil after my leave in conditioner and apply it on my scalp in a circular motion to stimulate hair growth, and on my ends to help moisturize them as well. I decided to cut off my dead ends about a month ago and this oil has really helped to grow my hair longer, faster and keep my ends healthy as well.

Best leave in conditioner ever

I have a combination of 3B 4A hair and this stuff truly does moisturize my hair strands. As usually it smells amazing and the consistency is so light that it doesn't way down my hair when I use the butter soft pudding afterwards. Highly recommend!!!!

Holy grail in the L.o.c method.

This product is truly amazing. Firstly the smell is heavenly and I get so much compliments about my hair smelling bomb!!! Secondly the consistency of the product is perfect for the cream part of the L.O.C method because it's very rich, it's thick but dissolves fast when it contacts your hair so it's does t feel like a mountain of product sitting on your hair.

Not good as the coco line

I prefer the leaving in from coco is everything:
The butter up one, I had to wet my hair before apply if I don't: my hair would be dry.
Very moisturizing but I like leaving In conditioner which hydrates and moisture in the same time.

Hey Jessica. Yes, this product is definitely to be applied when your hair is still damp. It acts as a thicker moisturizer in comparison to the Coconut Milk Leave In Conditioner. It's not meant to re-hydrate hair as it's too thick to layer in hair when it's already dry! So you're absolutely right, the Coconut Milk is better as a 2-in-1 (hydrator and moisturizer) but this product is definitely a heavier moisturizer for thicker curl types!