How To Care For Your Curls During Self-Isolation

Ok, so we aren't going out anymore and you're probably wondering why you would need to take care of your hair. Well, healthy hair care should be no different during these times of self-isolation. And trust us, for your own sanity, you're going to want to keep up with washing your hair at least once a week to maintain a healthy scalp; a dry and itchy scalp is no fun. 

If you're used to going to a salon, or someone to get your hair done, for protective styling (which unfortunately is not available due to social distancing), this is a great time to really take care of your beautiful natural hair.  

Taking Care of Natural Hair

Here are some steps to ensure your natural hair stays healthy:

  • Cleanse your scalp at least 1x a week (*max 1 every 3 days)
  • Condition your hair ALWAYS
  • Treat your hair to a deep conditioning treatment
  • Oil your scalp (if dry *avoid if you have a natural oily scalp)
  • Keep your hair moisturized throughout the week

5 essential products

Essentials You Need

When you are practising good social distancing and staying home, use these:

Coconut Hydrating Cleanser Keeps your scalp clean
Butter Cream Conditioner Detangles knots and conditions
Coconut Deep Conditioner Treatment
Conditions thirsty strands and keeps hair strong
Coconut Water Refresher Hydrates and revitalizes dry hair
Butter Oil Blend
Moisturizes dry scalp and helps with growth



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