Braidout for Thick Curly Hair

So I have 3C/4A THICK hair that needs a lot of moisture lol, so maybe you're the same. I do braidouts ALL the time but there's a few ways to do it. We don't have a Youtube video on specifically a braidout, however we do have a video for twists where you can apply the same methods (except braid your hair with 3 strands vs 2 strands. 

 Steps to Achieve a Braidout

  1. Deep condition my hair (using our Coconut Deep Conditioner)
  2. Part hair in 4 sections and pin them up; *repeat steps 3-6 each section*
  3. Add Coconut Milk or Butter Milk Leave in for your initial moisture layer
  4. Add Butter Twist Pudding as your heavy cream dual moisture layer
  5. Just use the Pudding for a soft/fluffy hold or use the Butter Jelly for more hold and definition
  6. Single braid each section - larger 1" parts per braid for a wavy look and 0.5" parts per braids for a more defined/crimped lookSingle Braids with Nat from CurlShoppe
  7. Keep the braids in overnight and take out in the morning ONLY IF DRY *WARNING: You do NOT want to undo your braids if they are even slightly still damp or else your whole hairstyle will be a fail, trust meBraidout with Nat from CurlShoppe

*style lasts all week*

Use Braidouts or Twistouts as a nice way to vary your hairstyles in between washngo's or to help out when you're Transitioning (the step before the "Big Chop") since it will help blend the 2 textures of your hair (new growth and damaged hair). Enjoy!


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